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SCO Workers’ Skills Development Exchange Camp Opened in Beijing


    May 28, 2018

  Chinese Trade Unions’ “Belt and Road Initiative” People-to-People Exchange -SCO Workers’ Skills Development Exchange Camp opened in Beijing, China. Delegates from the eighteen SCO members gathered to discuss SCO Workers’ Skills Development. This camp, on the eve of the SCO Qingdao summit, was a significant measure of China conscientiously fulfilling the duties of the rotating presidency of the SCO and deepening the common understanding of humanities exchanges implemented in the Astana summit, and also a platform for promoting technical exchange and cooperation of industrial workers, common understanding and mutual development in the region.

  Jiang Guangping, vice-Chairman of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) and secretary of the Secretariat, attended the opening ceremony and made a speech. He hoped that all the SCO members attending this camp would stand at a new historical starting point, conform to the development trend of the new technology revolution, analyze deeply under the reality of their own country and the current situation of the SCO regional economy, and fully communicate to establish a long-term mechanism for SCO Worker Skills Exchange among the SCO members, found a contest platform for SCO worker skills, strengthen the workers exchange under the framework of Belt and Road among the SCO members and promote the common understanding.

  SCO Deputy Secretary-General Vladimir Potapenko addressed that the workers exchange and cooperation could promote the growth and development of the SCO mechanism and enhance the understanding and friendship among the SCO countries.

  The agenda of the camp exchange will include several events held in Beijing and the Shandong Province, such as lectures, a symposium, visits to local companies, interactions with professional workers, as well as cultural sightseeing, etc, which deepens the understanding of the Belt and Road Initiative, Shanghai Spirit and China Trade Unions building harmonious labor relations, safeguarding the legal interests and rights of workers and promoting the spirit of model workers and craftsman spirit among the SCO members, enhances the common understanding among the SCO members and consolidates the public opinion base for the SCO cooperation.

  The opening ceremony was also attended by top officials from the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Foreign Ministry of China and the State Administration of Radio and Television (SART).